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Internet sellers of new Jerry Kuhnhausen manuals:

Amherst Depot- amherstdepot.com (enter weapons books)
Artisan Ideas- artisanideas.com (enter Kuhnhausen)
Brownells, Inc.- brownells.com (enter Kuhnhausen shop manuals)
Blackjack Buffers- blackjackbuffers.com (click gunsmithing books)
Power Custom/Grand Masters- powercustom.com (enter videos and books)
Midway USA- midwayusa.com (click books or enter Kuhnhausen)

Internet sellers of new, used, and early edition Jerry Kuhnhausen manuals:

Abe Books- abebooks.com (enter Kuhnhausen or book titles)
Alibris.- alibris.com (enter Kuhnhausen)
Amazon- amazon.com (enter Kuhnhausen, Jerry Kuhnhausen)
Biblio, Inc.- biblio.com (enter Kuhnhausen)
Ebay- ebay.com (enter books, Kuhnhausen shop manuals)

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