About Us

Jerry Kuhnhausen was involved with guns and gunsmithing since he first caught the scent of gunpowder as a youngster. Although trained as a mechanical engineer, he considered himself to be more of an old-fashioned craftsman. For seven decades he repaired, accurized, built, and restored quality firearms. Over time, he became known as one of the most highly qualified gunsmiths in America.

Long-time gun shop owners, and sincere believers in the Second Amendment of our U.S. Constitution, Jerry and his wife Noel became one of the first husband and wife gunsmithing book writing teams in America. Based on their experience, the very specialized field of gunsmithing lacked enough gunsmiths to serve the public. To help solve the problem they began assembling the loose leaf gunsmithing notes and line drawings, Jerry created over years. Their desire was to share the “nuts and bolts”, as Jerry called it, of bench and gunsmith work to give shooters and collectors more resources. Together, with Jerry writing and Noel editing more than a dozen manuals and supporting materials have been created since 1985.

In 2022 Jerry passed away, he was 85. Today, Jerry’s daughter Robynn proudly operates Heritage Gun Books to ensure the important information contained in her parent’s shop manuals is available to all.