Colt Single Action Revolvers

A Shop Manual, Vols. I & II

book cover colt SA

The ultimate shop manual for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Model P Single Action Army Model Revolvers and Colt pattern replica S.A.A. Revolvers. 100’s of crystal clear photos and illustrations. Covers S.A.A. design, safety system and operating theory. Includes a detailed cycle of operation section, bench function checks, assembly/disassembly, complete parts inspection with critical component dimensional inspection data, parts hardnesses, parts fitting, checking and adjusting action timing and triger pull, complete repair and mechanical restoration, improving accuracy and a detailed troubleshooting section.

Expanded, two-in-one, edition – 255 pages with plastic laminated soft cover.

Highlights from this book:

  • Two volumes in one information filled superbook
  • 770 crystal clear photos, ordnance style drawings, illustrations and graphics
  • SAA Revolver action function, cycle of operation and basic safety
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation Colt SAA and replica SAA parts identification
  • Complete assembly/disassembly, gauge inspection, repair and troubleshooting
  • Parts inspection, parts fitting and critical parts dimensional inspection data
  • Complete SAA Revolver rebuilding, rebarreling and mechanical restoration
  • Checking and adjusting SAA action timing and accuracy improving work
  • Tuning SAA actions the old fashioned way – to feel and sound the way a Colt should

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