Remington M870 & M1100/M11-87 Shotguns

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The only really detailed gunsmithing and repair manual ever published on these Remington shotguns. 100’s of crystal clear photos and illustrations. This incredibly detailed book covers troubleshooting & problem solving (including the cause of and remedy for M870 shell/action jams); full disassembly and reassembly; exploded parts and parts assembly diagrams; parts inspection; identification of early and late style parts and model specific parts; M11-87 design and parts differences; parts fitting and replacement, and complete repair. Also included: headspace checks; installing oversize locking blocks; shell latch installation and staking; interceptor latch identification and replacement; chamber throating; trigger plate left hand safety switch conversions; screw-in choke tube installation; removing barrel dents; vent rib straightening; how to make now obsolete M58 and M878 barrels from M870 barrels; gas port table; choke table, and the special tools needed to work on these shotgun models and where to get them.

Expanded edition – 226 pages with plastic laminated soft cover.

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